Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK

Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK v1.0.5 (Unlocked Survival kit)

Ultimate Customs night MOD APK is an action game in which you are enclosed in an office and must select from fifty automated characters.

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Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK is a horror franchise game in which you strive to survive and follow the instructions to survive in the office.  Different gaming elements such as a plot, levels of difficulty, and various tasks and objectives. We have a comprehensive game project in front of us, following the game with instructions; however, the original idea has been totally maintained. At midnight, the user will return to the same room with different hurdles and mechanical dolls. This time, the automated character has piled up, and you must be aware of the benefits and advantages of each of them before you begin. Players can demonstrate the essential index of advanced AI foes emerging in the challenges.

About Ultimate Customs Nights MOD APK

Ultimate Customs Nights MOD APK has more than 500 000 downloads. You can select over 50 mechanical characters after being locked in a workplace. You have everything unlocked for full customization. Mix and match the characters, establish the difficulty level from 0 to 20, and then replay the game. Two events, air hoses and side doors, allow you to level the workplace. Quickly use the unlocked survival kit. Become familiar with various equipment such as air conditioning, music boxes, power generators, heater, etc. You can complete the levels with unlimited powers. You will get some extra customization in this pro edition. The 3D visuals of the game create an impression. The game encourages you to experience and collect the items. Superb animations and courageous narratives have captivated players and show the game’s unique features.   The creatures of Nightmare and dreadful.

Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK

Exciting GamePlay

Let’s begin your most terrifying nights with a level-up setup. Choose the character that it will show. Select the level of difficulty that it will show. You can alter it as long as you meet the game screen criteria. First, you must carefully read the instructions, which is the most important step. Have fun if there are no issues. Focused, pay attention to your surroundings in a room. You can predict their arrival using supervision cameras. Before they enter your room, close the door. If you allow them to terrify you, you will lose instantly.

Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK

Explore The Office

You’re captured in an office at the start of the game and investigate it extensively to learn all its information. You can locate all the exit and access points. If you’ve played Five Nights at Freddy games, you will soon recognize the workplace and notice some similarities.

Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK

Make Useful Aiming Powers

Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK boasts simple gameplay. Each task requires the player to investigate the environment and aim at the screen. Precisely range the shoots since there will be no opportunity to modify your error if you miss it. Wind speed, impact accuracy, and other weather factors are critical to adjust the rifle’s range and game. More tasks will appear to be constant. In this case, your integrity and ability to improve are required. You can unlock complex equipment and tools when you progress in the game. You will have a legendary experience filled with adventure, obstacles, and tensions in the game.

Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK

Surprises In The Game

If you are stuck in scenarios, players must devise innovative strategies to escape from this work as soon as possible. The office staff can help you to have a notion to go, but they can also quickly demolish you. So be cautious with everything before using it, and think about it thoroughly so it can not negatively impact your life. Activate all other brother characters to fight together and devise short and long-term action plans. The Unique distinct action component controls the strength of your character to overcome all obstacles. Your army can be divided into parts, and one can be used in the office to avoid weaponry or other means of destruction. And the second one can be trying to organize forces to think and act together.

Various Funny Things

Each character in the game will have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Players can carefully evaluate and understand them before selecting their character, and this character will represent you throughout the game. Because the characters spend Seven nights together, the personalized options in Freddy’s game are nearly endless. Work together and pass each level.Us your creativity to understand the workplace structure and identify the direction of each fan, ventilation door, and so on.

50+ Animatronic Characters

The game offers over 50+ characters from all seven games in the five nights of the Freddy series.  Choose your character and start the action, but choose the difficulty from 0 to 20. All these characters have voice-acting features, including fan favorites and newcomers to the game franchise.

Classical Levels

The game levels are divided into different levels, from simple to difficult.  When you complete each level, the ends are considerably more deadly. The terrifying distribution level will force you to face the difficulty. Adjust the things gradually that want to hurt you. The reflections get storage when you gaze at the camera and watch the motions around you. Others will be riskier in exchange. Attackers can commit criminal acts. And this will make the game more enjoyable.

Unique End

In each round of this game, tasks range in difficulty from low to high. Players must calculate the exact quantity of consumption required for specific accomplishments. Each level will have 1_2 play to achieve high scores in the game. Use the treasure collection to swiftly and effectively open the office. The game’s visuals have multiple subtitles, which enlarge the character set and contribute to the enjoyment and originality. The sound is also mysterious, combined with the pace of the sound to make an appealing performance. You will be unable to ignore the recording.

Easy To Play

The game is easy to play; you can select characters and perform tasks and challenges to earn prizes. It’s one of the world’s finest action and survival games with horror since you’re locked up in an office alone.


Ultimate Customs Night MOD APK conquers difficult obstacles and discovers great things with your friends. You will get all the features for free in this premium version. There are several intriguing aspects of the game. The game is also available in English, so all the players can easily access it through Worldwide. Why are you holding them? Go ahead and download the app on your phone and start enjoying these features.

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