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Let’s Survive MOD APK v1.8.9 (Unlimited All) For Free

Let’s Survive MOD APK is a game about defeating scattered zombies. It has interesting gameplay, requiring skill and strategy to survive.

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Let’s Survive MOD APK is a shooting game in which you have to kill all the zombies that gather in front of your character. Every time your character kills a zombie, you can get items. It is a shooting game with RPG elements in which you spend endless time defeating zombies by collecting gears and equipment that will help you survive this terrible world. Since there are many zombies, it’s more likely that some of them will find their way through your wall, even if you’re careful enough. The game has many modes and features, which are set for a long time, and it will keep players entertained. This game is perfect for you if you love fighting games or zombies.

About Let’s Survive MOD APK

The world is so huge, and there is no way to survive. You currently live in a world filled with hordes of zombies. This game is about surviving in this terrible place. The world of zombies is as rich as the real one; you can find different kinds of zombies, some will attack you, and some will help you. You have to gather weapons to kill your enemies. TREASTONE LTD develops this interesting game and is compatible with Android 5.0 or up. Since there are many zombies, it’s more likely that some of them will find their way through your wall, even if you’re careful enough. The game has many modes and features, which are set for a long time, and it will keep players entertained.

Let’s Survive MOD APK

Act As Commander To Defeat Zombies

In this game, you are the only survivor of a zombie attack. You must act like a commander to strengthen your strategy to defeat zombies. In this game, everything comes with a price. You have to build walls, set traps and so on. You will face new challenges in each stage you pass through. As a commander in this game, your function is more important than your character. You have to use various weapons to fight against the zombies spread across the world.  However, there are different types of zombies and weapons for each zombie type, so you have a variety of weapons with different purposes. It is like real life: you can’t just get everything by buying it because some things need time to be developed, and some people will have more money than others.

Let’s Survive MOD APK

Upgrade Attack System

The game is full of monsters, just like a real war. You need to collect a lot of weapons to equip your character. You can get weapons by killing zombies or by buying them with coins. In the game, there are different types of weapons. Some are for melee, some for long-range, and some for sniping. You can use these weapons to attack the zombies on the screen. The zombies will drop various gears and supplies after they die, and they can be used to upgrade your character’s skills. However, it takes some time to upgrade skills.

Let’s Survive MOD APK

Construct Shelter

You don’t know what will come to you the following day, so you must build a shelter and make it as tough as possible. Once you begin the game, you will find yourself surrounded by zombies. Some will attack you directly, and some will find their way through your wall. At first, it will be easy for a few zombies to get through your wall because it is weak. However, as time goes by and you gather supplies, the materials of your wall become stronger.

Let’s Survive MOD APK

Collect Supplies To Survive

You must collect supplies to live. You can get these from zombies or the environment. However, in this game, some zombies will attack your character directly. To survive, you must collect supplies to build a shelter. With the help of items and supplies, your character can survive endless zombie attacks. Collect various types of supplies such as food for your character, stones for building walls, ropes, etc. You must find them among the zombies who have died because some of them contain useful items.

Let’s Survive MOD APK

Unlimited Money And Resources

The game has a set of money and resources that can be collected. This game has a world map where you can move around. The game’s plot is to collect weapons, walls and supplies on the world map to survive. Since you have a lot of resources, you can make everything easier by making many walls and other shelters. This game has many types of zombies, and you can also use different weapons to kill them. You have to get as many supplies as possible. In the world of endless zombies, you can enjoy many features, such as a shelter that changes daily and killing zombies on the world map.

Drive Vehicles To Move Fast

The main goal of this game involves saving your survivor from this zombie apocalypse. You can run away or fight against zombies; it’s up to you. If you want to run away, use vehicles because they can move fast. In this game, you can upgrade your vehicle to make it more powerful. You can go anywhere on the world map with the help of vehicles you have driven by yourself. However, driving vehicles is not easy because there are many obstacles in the way, which may be a lot for a player who has just started playing this game.


Players who love this game should not fear a multiplayer element. This game is open to multiplayer to play together and face the zombies. People having a bad time and needing help can easily unite to help each other. Players’ characters will be saved through people’s efforts, allowing you to show your skills in fighting against zombie attacks.


If you love zombies and horror games, this game is for you. This is the best game available on Google Play. In this game, you will find yourself in a zombie apocalypse. You must fight against the zombies and survive the adventure. The game’s characters are of very high quality, and the great features will definitely attract your attention. There are many types of weapons that you can use to kill enemies. You can get supplies from the environment or from other survivors to build a shelter, gather resources and live long enough to see your character evolve into a well-developed character. The game has many modes and features, making it entertaining in the long run. This is the perfect game for people who love to play Android games. You can’t miss this great game.

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