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Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK v1.0.3 (Unlimited Tips)

Become master chief with Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK.Just download and play it on your Android device now.

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Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK is the most exciting game that allows you to be a chef as you run a restaurant. To pass all levels, however, your tasks will get harder and more challenging. The story starts when you receive a wedding invitation for Little Eduardo and Olga’s wedding in Portallini. The challenge is finding the hotel room you booked at Papa’s Pastaria to get the secret recipe. To achieve that, you must learn how to cook it, find out how many bottles of wine would be needed, and cook it correctly. There will be many cooking elements and food recipes that will help you restore your reputation of being a master chef. The popular food of the restaurant is pasta which the game is named of. You will serve a lot of pasta to your customers to get high scores. The graphics are in a 3D side-scrolling style, giving a humorous look during gameplay.

About Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK is a very unique game to play now on your Android device. You can play as a master chef in the game as you run a restaurant and serve food. The game also features an interesting storyline that starts when you receive the wedding invitation. A hotel room still needs to be booked for you, so it is a great opportunity to travel there and experience something new. There will also be a lot of cooking elements as well as food which you get to prepare in the right way. The game lets you explore and play as a master chef and manager. You will be able to move around on 3D side-scrolling menus while you are serving out food. This game aims to serve pasta and make customers happy with each dish. Flip line Studios introduce this game. It is released on iOS and Android, with a rating of 4.5/5 stars on Google Play. The game is a freemium game but ad-free and has in-app purchases. You need to install APK and play it on Android devices.

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK

Act As A Manager

Managing your restaurant as a manager is already a good task for you to start. Many things will be in your control, such as what to cook, what food to serve, and the more challenging tasks that must be done to succeed in your career. In this game, you will make the customers happy with each dish served. Serve them correctly, and they will leave positive comments after. You need to keep track of that, though, when it comes down to ordering new ingredients or pasta dishes which are most popular among customers. Every level in the game will require you to prepare a different food or dish. When preparing food, you can also take advantage of the appliances on the counter, such as a fridge to store ingredients and an oven to cook food. You do not only serve customers but also keep track of how many customers have visited your restaurant, how much money has been collected by them, and their likes and dislikes.

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK

Serve New Dishes

Special menus and dishes will be available each holiday season, such as Christmas, where you can collect ingredients only available during that time of the year. These holiday seasons also include a bunch of new customers who have their likes and dislikes regarding food. There will be many new ingredients for you to try out, and you can order them whenever. There will also be a menu that you can go through featuring pasta dishes to prepare for your customer’s orders.

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK

Recruit And Manage Your Staff

You need to cook for your customers and hire the right staff to help you manage the restaurant. To be responsible as a manager, you need to hire appropriate staff to make the customers happy and serve them food faster. Make sure that their skills are good enough since tips from their customers pay them. You can promote your existing staff members when they have done a good job for some time and have earned enough tips from customers to level up. You can also discipline them if they do not perform well enough or receive negative customer comments.

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK

Decorate The Restaurant With Stickers

In this game, you can use many stickers to decorate your restaurant. The game has different types of stickers for you to choose from, so you can make your restaurant look how you want it to. You can also unlock more stickers as you play the game and gain experience levels. You can earn stickers as you progress in the game, and they will be used when making new furniture and building a room for your restaurant. You get to choose from various wallpaper, and furniture, and even customize the window.

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK

Attract Your Customers With Coupons

The game lets you earn coupons, which you can use to attract your customers to visit your restaurant. When ordering food, the customer will be offered a coupon from you that he has to take when leaving. The player needs to make sure that customers are happy and leave positive comments for them to take a coupon from you. They will help you earn more tips from the customers. You can unlock different kinds of coupons that can be used in your restaurant, such as a free pasta dish, extra pasta, or you can get a discount on your bill. 


Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK game is a great recreation of real life. The game style was very unique as it aimed to let you do a lot of tasks like cooking and serving food. Food in this game is also considered the most important part since the player needs to prepare them correctly to receive the right amount of tips according to his ability. The game features a lot of animations that will make the food look realistic to your customers as you serve them. The game also makes you an actual chef. You will need the right ingredients for cooking, and you can also go through different menus with many pasta dishes. It is an excellent restaurant management game that will definitely entertain you for hours as you play it at your leisure. 

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