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Metal Slug 3 MOD APK v2.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK is an old-school arcade game with new features. It has a fluid and easy-to-learn gameplay style, perfect for players.

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Metal Slug 3 MOD APK is a free, old-school arcade game with a new twist. It is the most popular arcade game of all time. The latest version has a gameplay perfect for players of all skill levels. It also includes new content and features. The story is about retrieving the Metal Slug tank from enemies who are using this to destroy the world. The tank is said to be the ultimate weapon used in battles since it can destroy buildings and everything in its path. It also carries several weapons that make the character capable of advancing through the enemy ranks. You are a soldier sent to retrieve the tank at all costs.

About Metal Slug 3 MOD APK

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK is the number one arcade game that everyone enjoys. It has gameplay that only gets better with each update. The latest version is easier for new players to get into as it includes easy controls and levels. It also has a more mature character that gives more realism to its design. Players can enjoy unlimited resources when playing this game on Android phones. Metal Slug is a 2D arcade run-and-gun video game developed by SNK  Corporation that was initially released in 2000 as an arcade game, later develop two more versions. All versions were played from a top-down perspective. A remake titled Metal Slug 3 was released recently, adding several new features, namely, vehicles and new weapons. Players searching for more fun and adventure in their Android games will enjoy playing this game now that it is available for free download. Download it today by accessing your Android device and get your hands on this exciting game right now.

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK

Save The People From Monsters

The story continues from the previous version and picks up with the main character. The story occurs as a group of rebels try to conquer the world. Your mission is to save the people from monsters trying to take over this planet.  The enemies are getting stronger and have learned to use vehicles to destroy buildings. The player is sent to retrieve the tank that was used in battles. He must do this before the enemies kill all of them. The game has a lot of upgrades and abilities for the player to choose from. You can upgrade your special weapons, including a rocket launcher, flamethrower, or grenades with different power levels and enough space in your inventory.

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK

Choose The Correct Way And Battle

There are three different sections of the game with their gameplay style. There is a forest, desert, and can be any other environment in each area. All of them are designed with different hurdles and rewards. Each section has different levels the player needs to complete to advance to the next level. There are animals and humans that you need to kill and several vehicles to destroy. You can also rescue a hostage from the enemies if you are fast enough. Metal Slug includes several types of weapons, like machine guns or flamethrowers, which work well to kill enemy soldiers quickly. The player must choose his weapon wisely, as each has a different power level. They must use grenades when facing enemies in high places and rocket launchers against bosses at the end of each level.

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK

Command Slug Vehicles

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK allows the player to use vehicles during gameplay. The latest version has several new vehicle types the player can ride and control using a third-person perspective. These vehicles may be a tank, standard cars, or others. Each has unique abilities that help the player go through different game sections faster. All the vehicles in this game are futuristic and will help the characters to advance to the next level. The player must use these vehicles to deliver weapons but also destroy buildings and kill soldiers along the way. 

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK

Branching Map System

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK has a complete map system to help the player plan his next move. Each map in the previous stage is connected to the next, so to move forward, it is essential to reach the destination of the first map. The player can see where the enemies are and choose his vehicle carefully based on their position. They can also see what kind of rewards they can get from these sections. The section layout is different and will create unique challenges for the player. The map system helps the player complete the game without losing each section. It allows them to see all their options and decide which one to use based on their gameplay style. The enhanced story mode has different stages; you get additional characters, weapons, enemies, vehicles, buildings, and more elements.

Completely Free And Safe

Metal Slug 3 MOD APK is free to play and requires no payments or purchases to download. Players are also protected from tracing, hacking, and data theft, as the game has enough anti-piracy protection. It is an entertaining game that anyone can enjoy. It has a clean design with user-friendly controls. The graphics are worth downloading alone; you can play this game for free. Downloading this game is not risky or harmful because it is completely safe from viruses, adware, or spyware.


Metal Slug smoothly transitions from one level to another; it helps players run through different scenarios without any significant issues. You do not have to worry about how to play this game; you can think about everything when you start playing this game on the phone. This is a free game that anyone can enjoy. The entire game is redesigned with new elements and functions. It has an entertaining story and plenty of upgrades, weapons, and vehicles to use. If you want a game to help kill your free time, get Metal Slug 3 MOD APK. The game has a clean design and works on most Android devices. It has anti-piracy protection and is entirely safe to download and play.

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