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Melon Playground MOD APK v19.0 (Mega Menu, No ADS)

Melon Playground MOD APK is the most popular and useful app for Android box. This is an entertaining game in virtual reality.

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Melon Playground MOD APK is an inspiration for sandboxes in which players can create their world through the use of various materials. In this virtual reality game, you have a great opportunity to set yourself up and choose your weapons, try on different clothes, and a lot more. The game is free and can be found on the official website of Google Play, where it meets with great popularity among fans. This app is clean and easy to use, and it comes with an intuitive interface. The game’s concept is cute and it has been designed for children.

About Melon Playground MOD APK

Melon Playground is an entertaining game that offers a unique opportunity to escape reality and enter the world of imagination and creativity. By combining several elements in one place, it achieves an entirely new level of immersion that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay experience. In addition, you should take into account a lot of opportunities available only in virtual reality. The game is free and can be found on the official website of Google Play, where it meets with great popularity among fans.

Melon Playground MOD APK

Choose Your Favorite Avatar

The game offers a huge amount of accessories, which you can use to create your unique avatar. You can also choose any kind of weapon and learn how to fight like a master. You can easily switch between different options and create a unique character that fits your needs and preferences. The first character of the game is a green stickman made from different shapes and materials. You can also create objects by selecting colors, shapes, widths, and patterns. There are many options available at hand so that you can play with them as much as possible.

Melon Playground MOD APK

Face Different Obstacles

Melon Playground presents a universe full of obstacles and dangers that are waiting to get in your way. Avoid them and make it to the end of the level, or you will lose precious time. While playing, the game will put different obstacles in front of you and send you on your way to the next level. Each level will contain different types of traps, which await you in virtual reality. If you want to win a level, you must confront these obstacles and solve them as soon as possible. The ground is not flat and does not always remain where it should be. You will have to use your head because such obstacles are very difficult to overcome without proper care. To survive, you will have to be clever and apply different techniques as required by the situation at hand.

Melon Playground MOD APK

Magic Syringe

The magic syringe is the most exciting feature of the game. If your enemy is hit by it, he will be poisoned and will lose health continuously. You should try to direct the syringe as far as possible away from you so that you do not get hurt by mistake. The more enemies you hit, the more magic syringe projectiles will be released in real-time. This feature adds a great element of surprise to the game because no one can predict where the magical weapon is going to strike next. This ability is very useful because it can endanger your opponent from a long distance and make him lose health very quickly.

Melon Playground MOD APK

Different Costumes

The game has a large number of unique costumes available in virtual reality. Each type has its characteristics and can be used in different situations. Don’t be afraid to try on different outfits because, in this game, you can do whatever you want and play as you like. In this game, there are an unlimited number of possibilities for designing your character and unique appearance. You will surely find something that attracts your attention. Each level is a small sandbox with various elements that combine to create the ultimate experience of playing in virtual reality.

Melon Playground MOD APK

Different Levels

There are a lot of levels available in the game, which you can play in any order. Each level contains unique materials to be combined and used. Winning every level will bring you closer to the end of the game, which will give you additional opportunities for more fun and enjoyment. Each level has its obstacles and challenges that must be overcome. Be prepared for different surprises because they are waiting on every corner of each level.


What is Melon Playground MOD APK?

Melon Playground is a game that allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality and try to overcome difficult challenges.

What devices are compatible with Melon Playground MOD APK?

For the best user experience, we recommend using Android devices 5.0 and above.

What are the main features of this game?

The game has great graphics and offers a warm, pleasant atmosphere. By using the powers of your imagination and creativity, you can create new objects with your bare hands. 

Is it free to download?

Yes, it is free to download from the official website of Google Play. For the molded version, you can use the link to our website.


Melon Playground is a unique game that allows you to enjoy and experience playing in virtual reality. The game contains everything you need and nothing more. It does not distract from the main purpose of playing, which is to have fun. There are no time limits, so you can play as much as you want at any time of the day or night. The game is free and can be found on the official website of Google Play, where it meets with great popularity among fans. We hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you to gain some useful information about Melon Playground. We are sure that this game can bring a lot of fun, interesting moments, and entertainment to your life. 

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