Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK v1.4.9 (Free Rewards)

Flashback Trick Fun Riddles MOD APK will make you work hard to solve the many riddles. It has mini-games and puzzles that call for logical.

App Name Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles
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Latest Version 1.4.9
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Solving crimes might take a lot of work to determine the answers to questions. Flashback Trick Fun Riddles MOD APK  is the best option in that case. There are different levels in the game and puzzles on each level. If you discover the character’s name by the moon, finish each level to reveal the next level. If you tap on the object, that would be helpful, and this is the solution. To get a clear perspective of the suspects in the game, utilize the slider to travel back and forth in time. To sharpen your mind, it provides a variety of challenging puzzles, original riddles, and IQ challenging tests. You must travel back in time to gain rewards, acquire clues, and finish different stages. You can set the time and enjoy artistic, high-caliber animation. 

About Flashback Trick Fun Riddles MOD APK

Flashback Trick Fun Riddles is the pro and customized version of the original game with millions of downloads. More features are available than in a typical puzzle or riddle game. The gameplay offers a variety of original puzzles that will sharpen your logical processes and exercise your mind. The Riddles game provides a variety of situations, such as resolving dilemmas, discovering the truth, and many more, by requiring you to draw conclusions utilizing your tactical thinking abilities. It enhances your mental capacity. If you develop into a great investigator, it would be beneficial who base his or her judgment, evidence, and hints.  With all the premium features unlocked in this pro edition, such as free rewards and without advertisement. You must play this game if you want to check your mental eligibility.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Unique Gameplay

Flashback Trick Fun Riddles has unique and exciting gameplay. Play this puzzle game with all the worldwide partners. You can expand your thinking and creativity by figuring out straightforward riddles. You will see the critical question you must answer correctly at every stage. Every puzzle has a distinct story that might easily confound you. You can always employ helpful advice if you still need to complete the upcoming work. If you get the correct answer, you will get worthwhile rewards and prizes to help you go on to the next game.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Solve The Riddles

Flashback Trick Fun Riddles has many levels where you must perform your best. Discover the best solution for intriguing puzzles, use tips, and sharpen your logical reasoning. You must think seriously about unusual puzzles in the game. Create a logical sequence and pay attention to the smallest detail to arrive at the correct destination. Try to figure out who is lying, who is using the test cheats, and who is married to whom among the figures in the photo.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Search For Clues

As you advance in the game through numerous stages, you play the role of a detective who depends on facts rather than emotions. You must base every conclusion you make on the evidence you gather. Finding clues is a significant challenge throughout the game. The more quickly you accomplish it, the more levels you can finish. You’re a detective and must uncover the clues to advance to the following levels. You can earn extra gifts as you advance in the game.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Build Your Thinking Skills

You can exercise your brain and develop your thinking and logical abilities by solving thousands of puzzles and IQ tests. To get a conclusion, you need to utilize your reasoning skills. It teaches your mind to pay more attention to the facts than emotions and sensations. There are more mental tests, puzzles, and other things that will force you to exercise critical thinking.

Flashback: Tricky Fun Riddles MOD APK

Interact With Other Characters

To uncover the answer to puzzles through the clues, you must interact with numerous other characters in the game. They can significantly assist you in finding hidden clues and completing the stages as quickly as possible. These connections will alter how you think and aid your cognitive development.

High-Quality Graphics

Flashback Trick Fun Riddles MOD APK has distinct aesthetic styles, and it has boldly upgraded its virtual engine and captivated many puzzle lovers with high-quality graphics, maps, and characters. As a result, puzzle enthusiasts can completely appreciate the delight that this game brings.


Flashback Trick Fun Riddles MOD APK is an engaging game to play when you’re alone and bored, with hundreds of challenging puzzles that will lift your spirit. To answer such a tricky quiz, use your expertise and attention-grabbing skills. Investigate the flashback and figure out the challenging and enjoyable riddles. You can put yourself in the exam and gauge your IQ. Download the app right now and start testing your brilliance.

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