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Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK v1.6.15 [Unlocked]

Choice of the Dragon MOD APK is a story of a dragon with adventure and fun elements. Fight with other dragons and obstacles for gold.

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Choice of the Dragon MOD APK is a game based on the storyline of the famous novel. The game has terrific and lively graphics with 3D effects, which makes the game more attractive and exciting. The dragons, objects, landscapes, and control system design is perfect for playing the game smoothly without any problems. In this game, you have to fly in the sky like a dragon to battle against enemies and dragons you come across during your journey. Many bonuses are available in this game, which can make the trip more interesting and exciting. You can get gold, diamonds, and coins to purchase new types of dragons with suitable powers to take on other dragons. Many power-ups are available for the dragons, including dragon fireballs, dragon lightning bolts, dragon ice balls, and many others. You can compete at almost every level against other players to make things more interesting.

About Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK

It’s time to go back in time and relive the great epic. Choice of the Dragon MOD APK is a fantastic game that makes you fall in love with dragons as soon as you start playing. It is a game based on the famous novel, the story of an epic journey of a dragon for gold. One day, a dragon kidnaps the princess. And started domineering over the kingdom. You have all the features to release and save your kingdom from brutal dragons. Take on dragons in the ultimate battle of the kingdoms. Choose your dragon and have a blast. Choice of Games LLC developed the game. The role-playing game is available for Android devices. It is available to download from Google Play store. It has a rating of 4/5 on the Google Play store with over a million downloads.

Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK

Choose Your Gender For Role

Your character will be a young man or girl heir to your kingdom’s throne. The male and female you choose at the beginning of the game are optional. You can have the choice to select one or none. The dragons have unique powers that need to be unlocked. The available dragons will vary in size, strength, and speed. Once a particular dragon is chosen, you can get details about it on the battlefield.

Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK

Explore And Loot Dungeons

In Choice of the Dragon MOD APK, you need to explore dungeons to get valuable objects like gold coins and other items that can be used to upgrade your dragon’s power. As you move deeper into the dungeons, obstacles will appear before you reach your ultimate goal of saving the princess. Many other dragons are available for you to take on. Each dragon has a unique way of attacking and defending itself. You need to make the best use of the strengths of your dragon as you fight off the enemies. The dragons can shoot fireballs at enemies to destroy them.

Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK

Expand Your Realm As A Goblin

You will become a goblin after kidnapping the princess and ruling the kingdom. Goblin quests are available in the game. You must complete the quest to expand your realm and win against your enemies. Completing goblin quests will help you get more gold coins and other valuable items. You can also expand your kingdom by constructing buildings. Some buildings require you to purchase gold and diamonds before building them. The power of the dragon can be upgraded after leveling up. You need the right combination of points to upgrade dragons, occasionally using gold coins and diamonds as resource materials.

Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK

Capture Princess

The Choice of the Dragon MOD APK plot is about a princess kidnapped by a dragon ruling over a kingdom. You must do that to make the people scared of you. As a dragon, you restore the throne and defeat all dragons. Moving deeper into dungeons, you will fight against many dragons like lizards or other creatures. You can also support your character in getting more gold coins and other valuable items by completing quests given by goblins on the map. Goblin quests have the reward of defeating monsters or going through challenging levels at different difficulties.

Choice Of The Dragon MOD APK

Find Your Partner And Discover New World

When a player begins their journey with a new character, they must help them find a partner. The player can choose any of the dragons falling to the world map. You can find your partner to make your battle easy. The partner will be more useful as you fight with other players. You can get the help of items from your partner, which is a powerful pick-up. You can also explore caves and other dangerous places to find gold coins and large amounts of hidden gems. The dragons soar through the sky to find new areas on the map and continue their journey with more gold coins and diamonds than before.

Defeat The Kingdom’s Army

The Dragon must win the game as a mighty dragon. You will find many enemies to challenge your dragon power. The objective for the player is to survive and defeat all enemies and dragons on the world map. In kidnapping a princess, you may face the grand army of the king to save the princess, but you need to collect all the items to defeat them. The player should destroy the armies of the enemy kingdom. Your partner will help you find more gold coins and diamonds as you conquer.


Choice of the Dragon MOD APK is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the best role-playing game experience with your family and friends and become more courageous, righteous, and brave. The game includes many exciting features, such as opening land, defeating enemies, collecting gold coins and diamonds, and more. The players can enjoy this epic adventure in this beautiful world full of dragons at heart thrilling experience. The game is enjoyable and entertaining, with stunning graphics and a great storyline. In addition, the controls are easy to understand and follow. The dragon’s movements are complicated at first, but you will get used to it as you play the game more and more without any problems. In addition, the storyline of this game is engrossing, which will keep you engaged from start to finish.

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