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Anger of Stick 5 Zombie MOD APK v1.1.85 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Anger of Stick 5: Zombie
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Latest Version 1.1.85
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Anger of Stick 5 zombie MOD APK is a game of action for you to destroy zombies with various weapon systems with enhanced levels. Here you can go with different abilities as you oppose different opponents, take them down using your significant blows, and unlock more and more potential inside you. Stickman has developed friendly and strong relationships with the game players, bringing the world of games fulfillment of art and entertainment. One of those games, Anger of Stick 5 Zombie, provides an alluring theme of zombie shooting to enjoy the most pleasurable and fighting sensation game for game players. 

About Anger Of stick 5 Zombie Mod APK?

Anger of Stick 5 zombie occurs in a city where a group of unexpected people appears. Innocent people are targeted as experiment tools. Zombie is a game that allows you to step into the character of a superhero who must protect you from zombies. As a result, many people were missing and turned into threatening zombies, putting innocent people in the city in danger. And our supporter, the hero of the stickman, stood up with his friends to take part in the battle in opposition to strangers and dangerous zombies, safeguarding the city’s people. 

anger of stick 5 zombie mod apk

Fascinating And Enjoyable Stickman Gameplay

The Anger of Stick 5 zombie is the fifth game in its entire series, and this time comes with a modified version and rich content to be enjoyed by the players. It allows players to interact with the environment and display many unique move sets. Stickman will also introduce you to some additional elements such as skill system, level design, weapons, and campaign. Fortunately, everything is designed at different levels, and their difficulty level will increase, and players will obtain access to new elements and new content throughout the trip. 

anger of stick 5 zombie mod apk

Collect Powerful Weapons And Equipment

Although, the game uses the fighting context of zombies. It supports the equipment and does not eliminate modern equipment. Moving forward with the game, it will gradually unlock new weapons, whether melee or long-range and each weapon has its characteristics to build the battle more attractive.  The weapons in the stickman have simple, familiar designs to make players easily. Each weapon here is unique, hitting feelings for players, and has an upgrade system for players to develop the weapons. They are most interested in it.

anger of stick 5 zombie mod apk

Immense And Expansive Character Development

The character development system is a crucial component of Stickman, allowing players to unlock new content and unlock new combos to engage themselves in endless entertainment. In this, players can choose their character according to their playing style.  It provides players with the tremendous benefits of fighting against zombies across many different styles. Furthermore, the skills will affect the weapon’s performance and allow the players to perform more impressive combos and be powerful.

anger of stick 5 zombie mod apk

Buy Weapons And Upgrade Weapons To Be Stronger

In Anger of Stick 5 zombie, a weapon is a noteworthy and necessary combat aid in every battle. Here you will be able to open your eyes to hundreds of different weapons. Each field has its characteristics, high killing ability, and quickly eliminating of enemies. This would you if you regularly upgraded them to a more modern version to get some more deadly and powerful functions than unconventionally. You can find some weapons that are preferable for your match. In addition to that, you can use some sniper helicopters, or you can use powerful machine guns to destroy your targets quickly.

anger of stick 5 zombie mod apk

You Have The Right To Ask For Help Anywhere

If you lose the ability to take the initiative or fall into a deadlock during the battle, you can choose to ask for help. Just press the request button. The game will give you some particular measures to help you overcome that difficulty. You should know that you can take help only three times, so you must have considered thoroughly before deciding. Apart from this, you should be elastic in handling all unpredicted situations and always know how to protect and attack and what is the right time to attack.

Enjoy Two Different Game Modes

While participating in the Anger of Stick 5 zombie, players have the right to choose one of two modes to play. The first mode is named single, and the second mode is Jimmy. Each mode of the game will bring you its specific characteristics. In it, you will receive a lot of seductive tasks that need to be achieved every day. More concretely, each mission will contain horrible war situations. To play this game, you must have a knowledgeable and sharp analytical ability to develop the most pioneering strategies to apply to the battlefield. 

Enjoy Beautiful Effects On Your Phone

Anger of Stick 5 zombie allowed adopting multiple movements. In addition, you can fully enjoy fabulous and unblemished effects- the location around the main content area is very naturalistic, precisely illustrating the main character’s mood. In addition, every character is also drawn very sharply and alluring. Incorporating, you can select and upload the most beautiful effects. Let’s turn this war city into an amicable nation. Each product is decorated, bright, and sharp to create more excitement for players and intensity, creating eagerness for players. 


You will enjoy exciting and modified features and rich content in this game. It allows players to interact with the environment and display many special moves. It will also introduce you to some particular elements. Players will gain access to new elements and content. In this game, you will experience mesmerizing and amusing gameplay. In this game, you will experience beautiful effects on your phone. 

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