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Speechify MOD APK v1.87.9598 (Premium Unlocked)

Speechify MOD APK is a TTS screen reader that allows you to read any message info, email, record, book, or article without using your phone.

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Speechify MOD APK performs like reading assistance for every user on his mobile device. Using this application, you can convert text documents into audio recordings and listen to them whenever possible. The program will save your time; you will learn more than the usual reading approach. Speechify is an outstanding helper with superb text-speech integration that allow individuals to listen instead of read. The app has cutting-edge Ai features to provide users with the finest listening experience, which you will not find in any other app. Because of its user-friendly design, customization is possible. It’s an excellent choice who wants to listen to the text in audio form.

About Speechify MOD APK

With the help of Speechify, you can convert any text into speech. The software is intended for many consumers with poor vision, dyslexia, ADHD, or reading difficulties. Instead of reading, you will now listen to it and gain a piece of knowledge in a less stressful and faster way. The application’s functionality has helped it to gain millions of users.

Speechify MOD APK

Scan The Text And Start Your Speech

The program will first allow you to built-in scan ability using a high-quality camera to scan and process any document. The application will support and export all papers to a complete copy, allowing the AI filter to read for you. The scanning quality of the app is excellent, with its capacity to recognize languages, scripts, and many more to read an entire document for you with flawless accuracy.

Speechify MOD APK

High-Quality AI Voice

The premium version includes a significantly high AI voice than the grade sounds. It would be amicable if you imported photographs for book covers. Because of the better quality, we will suggest you download this. It will significantly improve the experience of listening to audiobooks. Your duty has been done, just sit on your chair and have a cup of coffee or tea or anywhere you want. The game provides you with an unforgettable voice-enjoying experience. The AI will be read aloud to you in great detail, motivating and intelligent voice. The voice is naturally high and similar to that of a genuine assistant.

Speechify MOD APK

Support Text In Multiple Formats

Speechify Supports multiple formats, not just in Word but also in picture format. Copy and paste into the pane, allowing the program to read the entire file. In a short period, innovative technologies can recognize the face. Speechify supports various languages, such as Italian, German, Dutch, and English. Ensure the image quality is sufficient for the app to recognize it correctly.

Speechify MOD APK

User Friendly

The layout design of Speechify is also unique and intuitive, with some familiar symbols on the main screen. The reaction time of features is rapid, and it will work nicely on various devices. Furthermore, the white tone of the application will make everything smooth and straightforward.

Enjoy Anytime

You can listen to your favorite books or crucial information anytime or anywhere. But reading books or texts would be impossible. Use your headphones and reflect on what is being presented to them. It will accomplish many things at once.

Choose Your Favorite Voice

Besides AI advancements, the system offers a variety of voices for you to select and listen to. The software matches each person’s hearing capacity by utilizing the voices of many male or female people from the US or UK. You can update numerous voices from the software page and make discoveries using AI voices. Locate novels with voiceovers with the properties of voices which are good literature.

Skip Overlength Passages Of Text

Speechify is an outstanding tool for skimming over length passages of text. It typically works well and saves a lot of time. Some static sounds of your phone will be shut off due to phone storage. If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to read high volumes of text, you must have this app on your Android phone.

Effective Learning

When you convert your text, listening to it will save you time. You can boost the speed up to 9X, which will enhance your productivity. It also lets you take notes while listening, which will help you to remember what you’ve learned.

Customize The Voice Speed.

Adjust your voice speed to accommodate your hearing. Faster, lower, and average are options available. To pick the appropriate speed, just hold and drag the button. Don’t make manual changes. Just click the auto speed option. After this, click on the “Done” and save your modifications. It will improve your reading pace by 2-3 times that of conventional reading.

How To Use This App?

Speechify APK is a sophisticated text-to-speech engine. First, launch the app, press the scan button, and point the device camera toward the relevant frame. The software will scan the information to read it automatically. It can scan information from multiple pages, PDF documents, or text from anywhere on your phone. Then select the AI voice, and adjust the volume. After this, it will convert your text into audio. The app will help you to gain extra reading time.

Additional Features

Aside from the text-to-speech capability of Speechify, the app has some additional features. Suppose for basic notes; it allows the users to listen and take notes directly from the application’s main features. Change the AI voice and choose the preferred method of getting information. Adjust your reading pace to meet your demands.


In the end, The software supports data backup from a private library, meaning the scan information will directly transform into the library. Operates with more than 20 languages worldwide. Select the appropriate language for the listening process. Quickly scan documents from your camera and save as much time as possible. Let’s Download the Speechify MOD APK for your reading assistant. Thank you for visiting us. Have a Good Day.

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