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Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK v24.3.8 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Thetan Arena MOD APK Survival has set the bar with bells on. The addictive and compelling gameplay modes are artistically designed for

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Thetan Arena MOD APK is a competitive and fast-paced game. Players will be able to summon minions and fortify buildings, aiming to outlast the other opposing team. The match is perfect for gamers who are looking for a dynamic and thrilling experience. Thetan Arena is an exhilarating MOBA game delivering endless possibilities and unlimited fun. In this unique battle royale-style game, players are pitted against each other to death in an arena. Each match has a different goal revealed once you enter the game. Players must collect relics and destroy the opposing team’s relic holder during the battle to win.

About Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

The Thetan Arena MOBA Survival gameplay experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The creation of Wolffun will introduce you to the world of your favorite NFT. If you want to know just how different it could be, why not experience it yourself? Fight for your existence in the Thetan Arena with this thrilling, innovative game. All players can launch their squadrons from their dungeon against others. Level up your fighters to conquer higher levels of play and compete for victory with other players. The game also features many customizable options, giving players full control over their games. Experience the intense multiplayer action you’ve been waiting for.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

Features Of Thetan Arena APK

Thetan Arena has tons of new and interesting features. In this amazing game, you can do all kinds of things like fighting, building, and more. There are more than 100 types of resources to collect, dozens of different buildings for players to construct, and a lot more. To learn more about the game, let’s discuss each feature in detail.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

Create Your Team To Defeat Enemies

You’ll have the opportunity to create your unique party of fighters. You can pick from dozens of different fighter types as you assemble your team. Each one has its special abilities and skills, so choose wisely! You can also customize your team’s appearance with powerful skins and collect them all. When assembling your team, remember how it will be best equipped to defeat enemies. Each fighter will be assigned a role in your squad: attack or defense, main or support, etc. You can choose different fighter specialization types based on their tasks. 

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

Choose Your Weapon 

 In this MOD version, players can choose whichever weapons they want. The game’s diverse arsenal allows players to decimate their opponents as they build their defenses. This is the best choice of fighting games, and players can choose all kinds of weapons. Each weapon in the game is designed to fulfill a different role and help you do better in battles. For example, some weapons have a lot of damage but low mobility, whereas others are durable and have limited attacks. Players will have to figure out which weapon works best for them depending on the kind of fighter they want to be. Games feature many items and elements to upgrade, making each round completely different from the last, no matter how many times you play it.  

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

Fun Battle Maps 

 Thetan Arena is a battle royale mobile game with different maps for players to enjoy. Players can have a unique experience when they launch the game, as the maps are randomly generated. This means you will never know what’s coming up ahead until the fight begins. Each map’s specific strategic situation will lead players to different gameplay styles. Be sure to check out all the maps so you can play your favorite map anytime.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

Improve Character’s Skill

 Players can level up the character and strengthen it by unlocking new skills, giving them greater performance in battle. This way, players can learn new and powerful moves and attacks to counter their opponent’s moves. As players play more aggressively, the more powerful their characters will become, giving them a distinct advantage over others. Players should know this is much more than just a MOBA: It’s a true sports simulation! 

Unlock Heroes

 In the game, you can choose your hero that has unique skills. Get your favorite hero and fight for glory in the arena. Unlock new heroes by spending gold coins, using gems, or completing certain levels. You can buy your favorite hero for more power. You will have unlimited gems and gold in this MOD version of Thetan Arena APK. When choosing a character to play with, choose one who fits your play style and suits the current situation best.

Key Features

  • Choose your hero and fight as an opposing evil or good spirits team in a medieval battle royale.
  • Utilize your skills, weapons, and abilities to gain the upper hand against hordes of demonic spirits.
  •  Multiple gameplay options such as solo, duo, trios, and clan battles (Everyone is a member of one team)
  • Each player can choose from a variety of skills 
  • Game Modes that change each match to keep it interesting!


Is it safe to download Thetan Arena MOD APK?

It is safe to download this game. There are no viruses in the game. The APK version may create some changes to your phone.

What is the size of the latest version of the game?

The size of Thetan Arena is 160 MB. A normal size smartphone requires about 170 MB to install the latest version of the game.

Is Thetan Arena MOD APK free to download?

Yes! It is completely free to download.


Thetan Arena MOD APK is a fun, exciting, and addictive game that you will enjoy. The game has many things to do, and you will never feel bored. You can spend hours playing the game, and your time will be gone like a flick, and it does not take much space on your device so you can install the game. So, all in all, if you want to play an excellent game for Android, then this is the one that you should download. Just give it a try. Don’t forget to download this amazing game.

Download Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK v24.3.8 (Unlimited Money) For Android

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