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Mi Control Center MOD APK v18.5.8.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Mi Control Center MOD APK unlocks a world of enhanced features and seamless customization, revolutionizing your Xiaomi device experience.

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Mi Control Center MOD APK is a powerful and innovative application designed to transform your Xiaomi device’s control center and notification shade. With a range of enhanced features and customization options, it elevates your user experience to new heights. Seamlessly integrate quick settings, optimize performance, and boost productivity with this exceptional modification. Unleash the full potential of your device with this app, making every interaction smoother and more efficient. Discover the wonders of an upgraded control center and embrace a world of positivity and productivity with this remarkable app.

About Mi Control Center MOD APK

Mi Control Center MOD APK is a transformative application that breathes new life into your Xiaomi device’s control center and notification system. It presents a remarkable array of positive features and functionalities, elevating your smartphone experience to unparalleled heights. With this app, users gain access to an enhanced user interface that is both visually appealing and highly customizable. Say goodbye to the mundane default control center and welcome a refreshing and personalized layout that suits your preferences. Notably, it introduces expanded quick settings and notification center features, allowing for effortless access to frequently used functions and notifications. The convenience and efficiency brought by this enhancement are simply unmatched. One of the most significant advantages of this app is its seamless integration with various Xiaomi devices. It harmoniously complements the existing software, empowering users with a seamless and cohesive user experience. Embracing this modification also entails improved accessibility and productivity features, streamlining your daily tasks and interactions. The app’s optimization and performance enhancements ensure smooth navigation and swift responses, adding joy to every interaction with your device. User feedback for this app has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising its capabilities and user-friendly nature. It has garnered widespread acclaim for transforming the way users interact with their Xiaomi devices, enhancing their overall satisfaction. It offers a highly positive and transformative experience, turning your device’s control center into a delightful hub of convenience and efficiency. Embrace this innovative application and unlock a world of possibilities, making your Xiaomi device truly shine.

Mi Control Center MOD APK

What Is Mi Control Center APK?

Mi Control Center is a cutting-edge and positive application that redefines the control center and notification system on Xiaomi devices. This exceptional modification injects a burst of innovation, granting users an unparalleled level of control and customization over their smartphones. By seamlessly integrating with Xiaomi devices, it empowers users to tailor their control center to suit their unique preferences and needs. With a sleek and intuitive user interface, navigating through settings becomes a delightful and efficient experience One of the standout features of this app is the expanded quick settings and notification center functionalities. Accessing frequently used functions and staying on top of notifications has never been more effortless and user-friendly. Beyond aesthetics and convenience, it also enhances productivity and accessibility. It streamlines daily tasks, enabling users to accomplish more with minimal effort, ultimately leading to an enhanced overall smartphone experience. The app’s performance optimizations contribute to a seamless user journey, ensuring quick and responsive interactions. This not only adds a sense of satisfaction but also enhances the overall efficiency of the device. It has garnered widespread acclaim for its positive impact on Xiaomi devices. Users have embraced the app with enthusiasm, lauding its versatility, reliability, and the immense potential it unlocks for personalization and productivity. It is a game-changer in the realm of smartphone control centers, offering a positive and transformative experience. It empowers Xiaomi device users with an array of customizable features, enhanced productivity, and seamless navigation, creating a truly joyous and rewarding interaction with their smartphones.

Enhanced Control Center UI

Mi Control Center takes the conventional control center of Xiaomi devices to a whole new level with its enhanced user interface. The transformation is both visually appealing and functional, offering a cleaner, more streamlined design. Icons are more intuitive, and elements are thoughtfully organized, making it easier to locate and access various settings and shortcuts. The enhanced UI also allows for smoother animations and transitions, creating a delightful user experience. Navigating through the control center feels more intuitive and responsive, minimizing the learning curve for users who are new to this modified interface.  The refined aesthetics contribute to a more cohesive and visually pleasing device interaction, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Customizable Control Center Layout

With this app, users can embrace a level of personalization like never before. The application grants full control over the layout of the control center, empowering users to arrange and organize quick settings according to their preferences. Users can customize the placement of essential toggles, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and more, within the control center. Additionally, they can add or remove shortcuts based on their daily usage patterns, making the control center a highly personalized hub of convenience. This feature caters to individual preferences and usage habits, creating a device that is tailored to each user’s specific needs. Whether one prioritizes battery-saving features, music controls, or screen recording, the customizable layout ensures easy access to the most frequently used functions.

Mi Control Center MOD APK

Expanded Quick Settings

It significantly expands the quick settings menu, offering an array of additional functionalities. Users gain quick access to a wide range of features, including a flashlight, screen rotation lock, airplane mode, mobile hotspot, location settings, and much more. By providing an extensive array of quick settings, the app reduces the need to navigate through multiple menus, thereby saving valuable time. It’s now possible to control various aspects of the device from a single location with minimal effort.

Improved Notification Center

It also introduces improvements to the notification center, enhancing its functionality and user-friendliness. Notifications are displayed in a more organized and informative manner, enabling users to stay on top of their incoming messages, emails, and app alerts without feeling overwhelmed. Interactive notification actions allow users to perform specific tasks directly from the notification center, reducing the need to open the respective apps. The integration of a “Clear All” button streamlines the process of managing notifications, keeping the center clutter-free and user-centric.

Seamless Xiaomi Device Integration

It seamlessly integrates with various Xiaomi devices, ensuring a harmonious and efficient user experience. The modification works flawlessly across a wide range of Xiaomi smartphones and tablets, optimizing compatibility for a broad user base. This integration ensures that the mudded APK fully complements the underlying software, preventing any conflicts or disruptions in device functionality. Users can rest assured that it will seamlessly integrate with their Xiaomi devices, making it a reliable and dependable tool for enhancing their smartphone usage. It offers an elevated and enjoyable user experience with its enhanced control center UI, customizable layout, expanded quick settings, improved notification center, and seamless integration with Xiaomi devices. By combining these features, the application revolutionizes the way users interact with their Xiaomi smartphones, empowering them with a tailored and personalized experience.

Mi Control Center MOD APK

App Shortcuts And Quick Actions

Mi Control Center brings unprecedented ease and efficiency to app management with its app shortcuts and quick actions feature. With a simple swipe and tap, users can access commonly used applications directly from the control center, eliminating the need to search through the app drawer. This feature not only saves time but also enhances productivity by allowing users to switch between frequently used apps seamlessly. Whether it’s composing a quick message, starting a timer, or launching a favorite game, app shortcuts make these tasks more accessible than ever before. Additionally, the inclusion of quick actions provides a shortcut to specific tasks within an app. For instance, a quick action for the messaging app might allow users to compose a new message or directly access their most recent conversations, making communication smoother and faster.

Toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, And More

The ability to toggle essential settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode, and more directly from the control center is a highlight of this app. This feature allows users to swiftly enable or disable connectivity options without navigating through multiple menus. By providing instant access to these toggles, the app streamlines the process of managing connectivity settings and saves users valuable time. Whether it’s turning off Wi-Fi to preserve battery life or enabling Bluetooth for a quick file transfer, these toggles offer unparalleled convenience.

Brightness And Volume Controls

It enhances user control over brightness and volume settings with its intuitive sliders. By swiping down on the control center, users can easily adjust the screen brightness to suit their preferences, ensuring comfortable viewing in various lighting conditions. Similarly, the volume sliders enable seamless control of media, ringer, and alarm volumes. With a simple touch and slide, users can increase or decrease the volume levels, avoiding the need to open the settings menu. These controls also respond to real-time adjustments, instantly reflecting changes in brightness and volume, providing a smooth and interactive user experience.

Mi Control Center MOD APK

Screen Recording Shortcut

The screen recording shortcut is a standout feature of this app, enabling users to capture their device’s screen activity with ease. This functionality is particularly useful for creating tutorials, sharing gameplay footage, or saving important video content for later reference. With a dedicated screen recording button in the control center, initiating a recording session becomes as simple as tapping on the icon. Users can then choose to record audio from the device’s internal audio or microphone, adding flexibility to the recording process. Once the recording is complete, users can conveniently access the video file and share it with others or save it for personal use. This feature enhances the utility of the device, making it a valuable tool for content creators and everyday users alike.

Screenshot Capture Button

The screenshot capture button is another invaluable addition to the control center, offering a swift and accessible way to capture moments on the screen. With a single tap on the dedicated screenshot button, users can instantly capture the current screen content. This feature eliminates the need for complex button combinations or third-party screenshot apps, streamlining the screenshot process. Users can capture anything from interesting articles to memorable chats and share them with friends or save them for later reference. The ability to take screenshots effortlessly enhances communication, facilitates information sharing, and improves productivity. Whether it’s for professional purposes or fun, this feature proves to be an indispensable tool in daily smartphone usage, making it even more essential for users seeking to optimize their device experience.

One-Handed Mode

Mi Control Center introduces a game-changing feature known as One-Handed Mode, designed to enhance device usability for users with larger smartphones. With a simple gesture, users can activate this mode, making it easier to access and interact with the device using just one hand. When activated, the user interface scales down, shifting the entire screen towards the bottom corner, allowing users to comfortably reach all areas of the display with their thumb. This proves invaluable for tasks that require swift navigation or typing while on the move. Whether it’s composing a text message, browsing the web, or using an app, One-Handed Mode offers a more ergonomic and convenient approach to device usage. Users no longer need to strain their fingers or adjust their grip to access the upper corners of the screen, making this feature a true game-changer for enhanced smartphone usability.

Mi Control Center MOD APK

Battery Percentage Display

Incorporating a battery percentage display within the control center, it provides users with precise and real-time information about their device’s battery status. This added transparency empowers users to gauge their device’s battery life accurately and make informed decisions regarding usage and charging. By displaying the battery percentage alongside the battery icon, users can quickly assess how much power remains before the device requires recharging. This feature is especially helpful during extended periods of usage or when monitoring battery health over time. The battery percentage display also plays a vital role in battery management, as users can easily identify and close energy-consuming apps or settings to conserve power. This proactive approach to battery management helps extend battery life and optimize device performance, leading to a more enjoyable and uninterrupted smartphone experience.

RAM and Storage Info

It goes above and beyond the standard control center by providing users with essential system information, such as RAM and storage usage. By swiping down on the control center, users can access this valuable data at a glance, keeping them informed about their device’s resources. The RAM utilization information allows users to monitor how much memory is currently in use, ensuring efficient multitasking and avoiding potential performance issues due to excessive memory consumption. This knowledge empowers users to close unnecessary background processes and free up memory when needed. Additionally, the storage info feature offers insights into the available storage space and the proportion used by apps, files, and system data. This helps users manage their device’s storage efficiently, preventing clutter and ensuring that there’s always enough space for new content.

Network Speed Indicator

Staying connected is essential in the modern digital age, and it ensures users have a clear view of their network speed at all times. The addition of a network speed indicator in the control center provides users with real-time information about their internet connection. Whether using Wi-Fi or mobile data, this feature displays the current download and upload speeds, allowing users to gauge network performance. This proves particularly valuable for those who rely on stable and fast internet connections for streaming, gaming, or video conferencing. Having access to the network speed indicator directly in the control center enables users to troubleshoot connection issues promptly. It empowers them to make informed decisions, such as switching to a different network or addressing any connectivity problems that may arise.

Weather Information

It doesn’t limit itself to device-specific features; it also adds a touch of environmental awareness by integrating weather information into the control center. With this addition, users can quickly access the current weather conditions and forecasts, keeping them prepared for the day ahead. By displaying weather information at a glance, users can plan their activities and outfit choices based on the expected weather conditions. Whether it’s checking for rain before heading out or anticipating temperature changes throughout the day, this feature fosters convenience and preparedness. Additionally, the weather information can be particularly useful for travelers, as it keeps them updated on local weather conditions at their current location. The inclusion of this feature further enriches the user experience and demonstrates the mudded APK’s commitment to providing comprehensive and practical enhancements to the control center.

Date and Time Display

Mi Control Center ensures users always stay aware of the current date and time by prominently displaying this information in the control center. This convenient feature eliminates the need to navigate to the home screen or unlock the device solely to check the time or date. The inclusion of date and time in the control center enhances user productivity, as they can effortlessly keep track of appointments, deadlines, and daily schedules. Whether it’s glancing at the time while using an app or checking the date before making plans, this feature offers unmatched convenience. Moreover, users can customize the date and time format to suit their preferences, catering to diverse regional preferences and individual preferences. This level of personalization ensures that the control center reflects each user’s unique style and needs.

Amoled Dark Mode

With a focus on energy efficiency and visual appeal, it introduces AMOLED Dark Mode, a theme option designed to optimize battery consumption on devices with AMOLED displays. By utilizing dark colors and minimizing bright elements, AMOLED Dark Mode significantly reduces power usage on pixels, resulting in longer battery life. In addition to its battery-saving benefits, AMOLED Dark Mode also reduces eye strain, especially during nighttime or low-light usage. The darker interface emits less blue light, creating a more comfortable viewing experience and promoting healthier sleep patterns. This feature not only enhances device longevity and battery performance but also adds a touch of elegance to the control center. Users can enjoy a visually pleasing and cohesive interface while reaping the rewards of reduced power consumption.

Gestures And Swipe Controls

It introduces intuitive gesture controls that make device navigation a breeze. With customizable swipe actions, users can access various features and shortcuts with simple gestures, eliminating the need to rely solely on physical buttons. For instance, a single swipe up or down can reveal the control center, while swiping left or right on the status bar can switch between apps or perform specific functions. These gestures streamline user interactions, making navigation more fluid and efficient. Moreover, it allows users to define custom gestures and assign actions to them, providing even greater personalization. Users can create shortcuts for launching favorite apps, adjusting volume, or performing other essential tasks, optimizing device usage to suit their preferences.

Customizable Themes And Colors

Personalization takes center stage with its customizable themes and colors. The app offers a wide array of themes and color schemes, allowing users to tailor the control center’s appearance to their liking. Whether it’s a sleek and minimalist look or a vibrant and colorful design, users can choose themes that resonate with their style. The ability to select custom colors for various elements adds an additional layer of individuality to the control center. This feature fosters a sense of ownership and creativity, as users can express their personality through their device’s interface. It also promotes a cohesive visual experience, as users can coordinate the control center’s appearance with their home screen and overall device theme.

Notification Count Badges

Staying informed about pending notifications becomes more accessible with its notification count badges. These small, numerical badges appear on app icons, indicating the number of unread notifications for each app. By displaying these badges in the control center, users can quickly identify which apps have pending notifications without accessing each app individually. This promotes efficient multitasking, allowing users to prioritize their responses and manage notifications more effectively. The inclusion of notification counts badges enhances productivity, as users can decide which notifications require immediate attention and which can be addressed later. This feature ensures that no critical messages or alerts go unnoticed, promoting a seamless and responsive user experience. Overall, the incorporation of date and time display, AMOLED Dark Mode, gestures and swipe controls, customizable themes and colors, and notification count badges further elevates its transformative capabilities.  These features collectively enrich the control center experience, fostering enhanced device management, personalization, and user satisfaction.

Floating Widgets

One of the standout features of this app is the introduction of floating widgets, adding an extra layer of convenience and multitasking capability to the control center. Floating widgets are resizable, movable elements that hover above other apps, ensuring easy access to essential functions without interrupting the current task. Users can place floating widgets for various functionalities, such as a calculator, notes, music player, or even a browser. These widgets prove incredibly handy when requiring quick access to specific tools while engaged in other activities. For instance, one can take notes during a video call or use the calculator while browsing the web. The resizable nature of these widgets allows users to adjust their size according to their preferences, ensuring seamless integration with other app content. This level of customization enhances the overall multitasking experience, making it a valuable asset for those who desire optimal device management.

Auto-Sleep And Wake-Up

It introduces a time-saving and power-efficient feature with its auto-sleep and wake-up functionality. With this feature, users can set specific time intervals for the device to automatically go into sleep mode or wake up from sleep mode. Auto-sleep is especially useful during periods of inactivity, such as when the device is left untouched for a certain duration. By setting the device to automatically sleep after a defined period, users can conserve battery power and extend their device’s longevity. On the other hand, auto-wake-up ensures that the device wakes from sleep mode at a scheduled time, such as in the morning. This feature is valuable for users who rely on their device as an alarm clock or need it to be active at specific hours. By incorporating these automated sleep and wake-up functions into the control center, it adds another layer of convenience and energy efficiency to the user experience, promoting smart and efficient device usage.

Accessibility Enhancements

Inclusivity is a key focus of this app, and this is evident in the accessibility enhancements it introduces to the control center. It takes strides to ensure that all users, including those with visual or motor impairments, can benefit from its features. The application supports various accessibility features, such as voice commands, larger font options, haptic feedback, and customizable gesture controls. Users with visual impairments can rely on voice commands to access settings, while those with motor impairments can utilize gestures to navigate the control center with ease. Additionally, users can adjust font sizes and colors to improve legibility based on their visual preferences. The incorporation of haptic feedback offers tactile cues, aiding users with limited vision or those who prefer tactile responses. By implementing these accessibility enhancements, it fosters inclusivity and ensures that every user can optimize their device experience regardless of their abilities or limitations.

Multilingual Support

It stands out as a truly global application, offering multilingual support to cater to users worldwide. The mudded APK is designed to accommodate various languages, ensuring a seamless user experience for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Users can select their preferred language from a comprehensive list of supported options, allowing them to interact with the control center in their native tongue. This inclusive approach creates a more immersive and comfortable user experience, fostering a positive interaction with the device. Furthermore, multilingual support extends to app content, ensuring that notifications, settings, and other interface elements are accessible and understandable to users regardless of their language. By embracing multilingual support, it underscores its commitment to reaching a global audience and empowering users worldwide to optimize their Xiaomi devices effectively. The incorporation of floating widgets, auto-sleep and wake-up, accessibility enhancements, and multilingual support amplifies the transformative capabilities of this app. These features not only enhance the control center’s functionality but also promote convenience, efficiency, inclusivity, and global accessibility, making it a must-have application for Xiaomi device users worldwide.


Mi Control Center stands as a remarkable and positively transformative application, breathing new life into the control center and notification system of Xiaomi devices. With a plethora of enhanced features, customization options, and seamless integrations, it elevates the smartphone experience to unparalleled heights. The improved control center user interface offers a visually appealing and intuitive design, while the customizable layout empowers users to personalize their control center to match their unique preferences and usage patterns. Expanded quick settings and an improved notification center provide effortless access to essential functions and information, streamlining daily tasks and interactions. Seamless Xiaomi device integration ensures a harmonious user experience, making it reliable and dependable. Furthermore, the integration of battery percentage display, RAM and storage info, network speed indicator, and weather information adds valuable insights and convenience to device management. Moreover, it goes beyond conventional control center functionalities by introducing features like One-Handed Mode, AMOLED Dark Mode, gestures and swipe controls, customizable themes and colors, floating widgets, auto-sleep and wake-up, accessibility enhancements, and multilingual support. These additions foster enhanced device usability, visual appeal, productivity, inclusivity, and global accessibility. By embracing it, Xiaomi device users embark on a journey of empowerment and personalized experiences, turning their control center into a hub of efficiency and joy. From professionals seeking increased productivity to creative minds expressing their individuality, this application caters to all, promoting positive and delightful interaction with their smartphones. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, it emerges as an outstanding testament to innovation, functionality, and user-centricity. As users unlock the full potential of their Xiaomi devices, they open doors to a world of possibilities, where convenience, efficiency, and personalization converge. Embrace the wonders of this app and embrace a smartphone experience that truly reflects your unique needs and preferences.

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