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Emergency HQ MOD APK v1.9.06 (Unlimited Money/Speed Hack)

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A new version of the game EMERGENCY named EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK has been created.  It is a simulation game about a firefighting unit. Both Desktops and Android devices are compatible with this game. You have to manage the emergency services in this game, including the police, firefighters, medical staff, and medical professionals. The players in this area command squads and other emergency groups Promotion Software GmbH provides and creates Emergency Headquarters. Being a good neighbor and saving lives daily is difficult, but someone has to do it. When playing the game, you will have a headquarters built up through time, and a fleet of cars constantly prepared to respond to emergencies.


In the game EMERGENCY HQ, players spend their time working with various troops to complete life-saving tasks in a very urgent way. You will choose the order in which the various rescue forces should perform their respective missions so that the rescue operation may proceed. In the game, you will become a senior commander of the city’s emergency fire department. A large catastrophic incident, often a burning building, is where Emergency Headquarters Mod’s simulation mod starts. Although saving the structure also earns you bonus points, your main goal is to save the inhabitants. There will be many important issues to deal with throughout the game, so make sure your squad is prepared to save you by planning your tasks, gathering the necessary supplies, and planning your route. 

Emergency HQ Mod Apk


Prepare to become a first responder and execute your most crucial rescue missions as you enjoy creating your emergency command center. Intuitive gameplay guides you through the app’s settings as you advance in the game, but it initially provides a helpful short tutorial to get you going. You will call on your outstanding policeman to handle the issue if there is a terrorist strike. That’s how easy it is. The game does not need you to “get there and do that,” but you also need to make several strategic choices. You must dispatch engineers, medical experts, and, of course, firemen to the situation. Yet, you can only risk sending your entire army there if it becomes completely consumed by the flames, costing you valuable team members. You will initially begin your activities at each facility with just one employee. As the game goes on, you will improve your teams and handle emergencies faster, better, and more effectively, making coordination and planning more difficult.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Key Features Emergency HQ

  • Your goal is to ensure everyone’s survival. Irrespective of what occurs.
  • Stunning visuals with a high level of realism.
  • Simple, intuitive controls.
  • Take control of several teams, including the police, engineers, firefighters, and EMTs.
  • Put the alliance members to the test as you test your commander’s abilities.
  • Instead of letting your forces sit around idly, send them on support missions and get money.
  • Start a rescue league by banding together with other gamers.
  • The result is a variety of challenging tasks on extensive terrain.
  • Vehicles from all emergency agencies with a specific objective.
  • Upgrade the flats and buildings.

Easy To Use

Now that you are at EMERGENCY HQ, you may take control of any emergency unit and experiment with the many game elements available. Discover how rescuers perform their tasks in various circumstances, such as emergencies, rescue operations, fires, etc. Allocating emergency services, including the police, SWAT, hospitals, and technical services, will let you get your hands dirty.  Learn how they perform in the line of duty and how to maximize their efforts by applying your ingenious solutions to various challenges. The game will effectively demonstrate how dedicated these first responders—firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, physicians, police officers, and members of special forces—are to their profession.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Identify And Resolve Local Emergencies

When an event happens, your responsibility as the neighborhood’s emergency rescue team commander is to ensure everyone is safe. You have a lot of work to perform, including precisely and swiftly assigning soldiers to address issues as they arise. To safeguard the lives of the people and the rescue team, arrive at the appropriate moment and start the essential operations immediately. Players find it challenging to finish the activity as it becomes more laborious with time. This is the time to consider building more space, so there are always enough rescue units to carry out the given responsibilities.

Build Your Dream City

The players will locate a location on their own, and you will undoubtedly allow this location to serve as the game’s headquarters so that you are aware of all the town’s concerns and can promptly address them. Building fire stations, medical facilities, and other amenities is time-consuming yet necessary to solve future fire problems. So, it will be easy to conduct the rescue operation after you have finished establishing the Headquarters. 

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Various Missions

EMERGENCY HQ will have a range of tasks you may complete, each providing you with unique difficulties. Here, you must evaluate the scenario and find a solution immediately. Create the ideal mission methods and get efficient situational management skills to guarantee mission success. You can find yourself rescuing people from fires, terrorism, remote emergency calls, and cold disasters.

Combine Forces

Gamers in EMERGENCY HQ must figure out how to combine their emergency units and utilize their services to their fullest potential to achieve a successful rescue and finish their tasks. And since you are in charge of them, you must understand a lot about first-response personnel.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Construct Rescue Facilities

The player will receive a set amount of money when each mission is finished, which they may use to construct rescue facilities around the city. Rescue teams will be better able to respond quickly to crises if rescue facilities are built close to residential areas. It will be simpler for you to fulfill assignments the more facilities you construct. Also, your benefits will be more valuable the faster the activity is completed. On the other hand, the more time you have, the less likely you are to finish the urgent activity and earn the prestige point. Also, if players do well in EMERGENCY HQ, they can win honorary medals.

Get Rewards

You can visit your multiplayer pals and collect rewards, just as in all simulation games. Also, you can find mystery parcels around town to open, revealing wonderful goodies to enjoy. Even better, the internet advertisements come with at least two diamonds, just like each surprise gift. You may also get money by doing side tasks or sending teams, buses, or full operation units to assist your pals.

 Oktoberfest Mission

Players in this latest game version can challenge themselves with new tasks in EMERGENCY HQ. You will specifically complete the Oktoberfest mission and address fire-related issues to save lives. You’ll see that these missions are brand-new. Thus, the difficulty and complexity will also rise. Several fire engines, ambulances, and cranes must be brought into action.


Following their devices and preferences, Android players can alter the in-game visuals using EMERGENCY HQ. Here, you may select from various options to alter the in-game FPS according to battery use. To alter how they appear on the screen, alter the HUD indentation. 

Download Emergency Hq MOD APK

You must always be one step ahead of this game if you want to finish your task since it is quite difficult. Download the latest simulator game, Emergency Headquarters, right away. 

  • Download this app from yogimodapk.com.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Start Installation.
  • Wait until the installation completes.
  • Open the file and start using it.


Q: Which type of game is Emergency HQ mod Apk?

Via various interesting information, EMERGENCY HQ will assist you in becoming an effective head of the city’s rescue squad. This game has several alluring elements, like a varied mission system, many specialty vehicles, upgrading resources, and more. 

Q: How can I Create Special Force in this game?

Police officers, physicians, and paramedics are all under your authority, and you may create a special force to put out fires, save lives, care for animals, battle terrorists on behalf of the nation, and do much more.


You’ll be able to benefit from insane explosions, incredible visuals, challenging scenarios, entertaining quests, operations, side-missions, and more, thanks to this FREE integration. Don’t worry; you may quickly restart an assignment that is too difficult to complete and succeed this time.  You must undoubtedly develop the best problem-solving strategies to complete the given assignment. In addition, using the MOD version on our website will simplify things.

Download Emergency HQ MOD APK v1.9.06 (Unlimited Money/Speed Hack)

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