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Boxing Star MOD APK v5.7.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Boxing Star MOD APK is a gift for boxing lovers. It helps you to enjoy the real fun and easily beat your enemies.

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Boxing Star MOD APK is an exciting Android game app designed for players who want to take their fighting games to a new level. The game includes many powerful fighters and can be downloaded for free. It can also be used as a tool for entertainment purposes like watching the best round of boxing matches, participating in tournaments, and playing with friends. If you want to play with friends, show off your fighting skills, or play against the best players worldwide, this app is just for you.

About Boxing Star MOD APK

The Boxing Star MOD APK is a free game for the Android platform. The boxing game has many features and can be played on your smartphone or tablet. The users can play the app by downloading it from the google play store and installing it on their phone or tablet. The game offers various exciting characters and opportunities to strengthen your character. The game is designed to provide the best experience, like watching boxing matches or participating in tournaments. It offers various features essential for winning a game, like switching off/on the effects of your punches, changing the player’s pitch, speed, and even moving your body. 

Boxing Star MOD APK

2 Modes To Choose 

The app provides two modes: Knockout mode and League mode. The Knockout mode allows the players to play with the newly created boxer and build their character. As you progress to the game, you will get new opportunities and challenges to defeat your opponents. The player has to fight till the zero HP level. The League mode allows the player to choose and play with a character. The leagues are divided into 3 different rounds. To win the game, it is essential to win all the rounds. Both players have 3 seconds to get up. If the character does not get up in time, he will lose the round. The final round of each league includes the knockout mode that helps the players to reach their goal of becoming a champion within the shortest time possible.

Boxing Star MOD APK

Gorgeous Graphics, Excellent Sound Effects 

As you move on to the game, the graphics become more shocking, and thus, the fights become fun. The sound effects also make your fights more exciting. The real-time recording facility allows you to watch or record your fights so others can watch them The league mode provides complete freedom to the player. The available challengers have different power, techniques, skills, and fighting styles that you can choose from as per your choice.

Boxing Star MOD APK

Boost Your Character Energy

The game has a feature that allows you to upgrade and boost your character’s energy. As you get higher levels, you will get more points which can be used to upgrade your energy level. It is essential to use the booster if you want to win the game. The different types of boosters, like health, attack, and defense, can make your character stronger or weaker according to your need. Besides, you can also purchase some powerful items for your boxer for gold coins.

Boxing Star MOD APK

Daily Rewards

The game is based on daily rewards. Every time you play the game, you will get a certain amount of coins for your boxer’s account. You have to perform some activities to receive their rewards daily. You can use these coins to buy the powerful items and upgrades required to upgrade your character. The game provides an opportunity to fight against the champions of your region or world through online matches. The Boxing Star is a perfect Android game app for those who want to enjoy real fun with unlimited rewards.

Boxing Star MOD APK

Easy Controls

The Boxing Star is designed to help you in your fights with great control. The controls of the game are simple and competitive. The swipe controls help you to control your boxer in the right way according to the situation of the fight. As you move on in the game, you can see that different characters have unique fighting styles and moves which means that their controls will also differ. The game will also provide some tips and hints to use special attacks at an appropriate time and thus make your character more powerful and tough.

Customize Your Character

You will be free to customize your character and make it strong. The game allows you to change your boxer’s body type and outfit for free. You can also use the points earned on the game to upgrade your character. The different types of items available in the game boost up the power of your boxer. Combining all these items will help you make your character more powerful, agile, and attractive so that the other players will be attracted to you. The earned points can be used to purchase any available item in the shop at a reasonable price.

Multiplayer Game

The game allows you to play with friends and participate in the online multiplayer mode. Online matches are conducted regularly, and every player has an opportunity to compete with their friends. This feature allows you to play against the best players around the globe in real-time. The game can be played on Android, IOS, and PC. The game is designed to enhance your skills and make them more powerful. As you move up in the game, you can see that it becomes more realistic and challenging. 

Unlimited Money

The game lets you use unlimited money to perform the combo. You can also spend your earned points to add new moves and health power. The game also provides an option to buy special items to upgrade your character and make them more powerful.


The Boxing Star game is one of the most exciting games available on the market. It allows one to choose from different characters and play with them to stand out. The fighting experience that you get in the game makes it more realistic and, thus, more entertaining. You can play it anytime and anywhere as it is small, which means that its storage space is also much less. You will find the game very efficient in using all the available resources of your device to provide a better experience. The game offers great fun in this fighter genre that has been popular for years. This is an amazing game with a bunch of things to do. If you have a passion for boxing and the know-how to move crazy, this game is for you.

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